William Spencer worked as a corporate chef for nine years at Sikorsky Aircraft before becoming a customer experience and operations manager at ShopLink.com. William currently is a freelance photographer and social manager. Notable clients include Coach Diner, Geno’s Pizzeria, Pizza Master’s, and Who’s Gluten Free.

Bvster originated in a Starbucks in Secaucus.


William found himself there contemplating where to go next in his career and whether to continue pursuing his passion for craft beer. As the only customer in Starbucks, when he heard the barista call out “Latte for Buster”, he realized they were referring to him. At that moment, he took a leap and decided to buy the domain name Buster. However, it was taken so he chose Bvster.

Bvster’s main goal is tell the full story of food/beverage businesses not covered in traditional media outlets. Bvster explores food as a creative outlet, connective tissue within a community, and the hardships of small business ownership. Bvster strives to not only educate our listeners about the industry but also promote the small businesses that are responsible for making the NYC metro area a globally recognized food hub.  

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